Traditional savoury rustic pies – VIRTUAL COOKING CLASS

In this cooking class you will make tasty (and healthy!) traditional rustic pies: lu caucione d’orbe (pies with greens; it is an ancient recipe from Abruzzo’s hinterland. In some small villages, poor families went to pick wild greens in the mountains, the women made these pies to sell them) and pizza rustica.

During the class we will also talk about different types of greens (wild and cultivated) used in Abruzzo’s cuisine.

Price: €30 per screen/household (maximum 8 screens per class)

Duration: 2 hours

Invite your friends and family members from anywhere in the world to join our virtual class!

How it works:

After booking the class you’ll get a shopping list and the recipes. We’ll suggest substitutions for ingredients if you are unable to buy them.

The day before class, we’ll send you a link you’ll need to sign on to connect with your cooking instructor and join the class.

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