Cheese making classes

Cheese making traditions in Abruzzo are centuries old. Do you want to learn some tricks of the trade? Come to our cheese making class in Abruzzo. You will make sheep’s or cow’s milk cheese with local farmers. In this hands-on experience you’ll learn how to heat the milk gently, add the milk-clotting enzyme called rennet, cut the milk solids (curds) to small pieces and stir them, separate the whey and press the curds into blocks that will later turn into a delicious cheese. At the end you’ll sit down for a tasting of different types of cheese and other local artisan produce. 

Options: wine and cheese experience, cheese and peasant flat bread baked on charcoals with lunch included. Message me to inquire about these add-ons. 

Duration: 2 hours + cheese tasting.

Price: from €95 (for two participants).
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